Geo Link Foundation

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we look forward to giving back to the communities through people-driven pilot programmes. Geo Link Foundation seeks strategic partners in order to implement environmental initiatives and activities around the East African region. We intend to achieve this through practical intervention programmes and fundraising support including the provision of matching funds and pro bono time. We focus on activities that align with one or more of the following areas:

• Desertification/Arid lands irrigation
• Conservation and biodiversity
• Clean water and sanitation
• Environmental education
• Deforestation and Re-afforestation initiatives
• Marine pollution control

The projects we support should also deliver broader social benefits for the communities in which they operate. The Geo Link Foundation was started in 2014 in Kenya by a group dedicated conservationists who wanted to make a difference and donate their own time and money to projects that would improve the environment. Since that time, Geo Link has been in search of potential donor partners for contributions and expertise meant to benefit local and regional conservation projects.

The Foundation is keen to implement projects that provide clean water and sanitation, nurture environmental education, encourage Re-afforestation and protect biodiversity. Our mission is to increase the overall level of financial support for environmental causes in Kenya and beyond and to help environmental philanthropy to be as effective as it can be. Geo Link Foundation aims to periodically publish reports to inspire and inform donors about environmental philanthropy in Kenya and the entire East African Region.

Geo Link has established professional partnerships and alliances with firms that possess similar strategies, visions and goals in regards to promoting sustainable development in Kenya and the entire East African Region.